Stellenbosch and Franschhoek :: fluids

We had a great time visiting the  wine capital of South Africa, Stellenbosch and its surroundings. With great weather the views were fantastic, as were the wines 😉

As we heard many of the best restaurants in SA are in this area we set out on a mission to visit some of the top-ten. However, naive as we can be, it turned out that most of them were booked for weeks in advance especially with the festive season coming up. Fortunately we managed to book a few for lunch and combined that with some wine tasting before and after.  Oh, the great spirits!


At the same time we noticed our Landy kept leaking oil, apparently from the transfer box where we had a seal changed just before shipping our car. In search for a garage we took a left turn into the centre of Stellenbosch and happened to pass an original Land Rover-Jaguar dealer! The friendly people over there made room to have a quick look at our car and confirmed the oil level in the transfer box was sufficient to continue for a few more days.

Our Landy at the Stellenbosch dealership, next to the 'last and latest heritage' the new HUE 166.
Our Landy at the Stellenbosch dealership, next to the ‘last and latest heritage’ the new HUE 166.

2 thoughts on “Stellenbosch and Franschhoek :: fluids”

  1. Hé avonturiers!
    Leuk om te lezen wat jullie mee maken.
    Hopelijk is de auto nu goed gefixt.
    Goede reis!
    Liefs van Keetje en Matje

  2. Oh oh oh wat een avontuur
    Helaas staat de auto alweer in de schuur
    Gelukkig smaakt de wijn jullie goed
    En volgen wij jullie verhaal op de voet
    Hier is het sinterklaasfeest alweer voorbij
    En alle kinderen zijn weer blij.

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