Cape Point :: first night in our new tent

It took a while, but there it was on Wednesday: well-fitted onto our car while we were visiting Robben island, our roof top tent and awning!

As we did not have all the other camping gear (table, chairs, etc) yet and it was already late when we left the factory we decided to spend another night in a guesthouse. After a search for available (and affordable 😉  rooms in the area we found guest house Loevensteyn in Bellville which happened to be suited with a wonderful view over the valley.

The next day we waited in vain for the Hannibal people to drop us an extra bracket for jerrycans to be fitted on our roof rack, so finally we settled to not only visit Cape Point but stay there as well. So close to the Cape of Good Hope must make a great maiden stay.


And although it was quite stormy -especially along the False bay coast where we were staying, the tent proofed all fine!

Cape Town :: Arrival of the vessel and opening the container

It was a very exciting moment late Tuesday evening when we saw that the vessel Vicente containing our car was about to enter the harbour of Cape Town.

After it had been windbound during the night and therefore could not moor according to plan it anchored in the bay until yesterday late morning. When we drove by to get a closer look we saw black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes: a good sign that it was underway to the harbour! As we already knew the examination by the customs was to be scheduled for Thursday we decided to see more of the surrounding.

On this ‘walk in the park’  (well, in the Mountain Table National Park, with its famous Tafelberg towering about 1,000 meter over Cape Town city centre) we saw the ship moored in the harbour.


And today was the moment of truth: the opening of our container by the customs official. After cutting the seal they opened the doors and we got to see our car back, apparently in good shape!

Our car in the container right after opening it in Cape Town.
Our car in the container right after opening it in Cape Town.

Tomorrow all the paper work will be finished and we can take it with us to fit it with the most important missing part, a roof top tent.

Goed geland in Cape Town

Na twee soepele (maar lange) vluchten zijn we inmiddels goed aangekomen in Cape Town. Het ‘echte’ begin van onze reis!

Omdat de auto nog tussen Walvis Bay en hier dobbert en pas morgen in de haven verwacht wordt (en dan nog ingeklaard moet worden) nemen we het ervan: lekker uitslapen, goed eten en drinken en chillen aan t zwembad van het huisje dat we hebben geAirbnb’t voor de eerste paar nachten.

De boulevard in Camps Bay, Cape Town.
De boulevard van Camps Bay, Cape Town.


Baaitje in Camps Bay, Cape Town met links een uitloper van de Tafelberg.
Baaitje in Camps Bay, Cape Town met links een uitloper van de Tafelberg.